Borderlands inspired by Diablo, Nethack

In TheGameReview's interview with Gearbox President Randy Pitchford, he reveals his love for Diablo and Nethack, and discusses how influences from these games will be seen in upcoming shooter Borderlands.

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mr durand pierre3394d ago

I saw this at E3 and it looked pretty damned good.

SlamVanderhuge3393d ago

Im interested in Borderlands. At least it looks different

BadKarmaSutra963393d ago

Nethack is and always will be the "definitive videogame experience of all time". Seriously tho, Nethack is a fun game and if you haven't tried it you should. You can d/l it for free if you search the web. Sure, its's WAY oldschool but that game has the most replayability of any game I've ever played. As a matter of fact, I still play it occasionally even after 20 years.

This post is a public service and paid for by Nethackers Anonymous.