PS3 Slim, PSP Go Price Cut... Plus Something New?

PSInsider writes: We got a bit of clarification on previously reported rumors, plus some info possibly hinting at something we haven't heard about yet.

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singhjeet293395d ago

Sony really needs to close their legs to keep this information to them selves.

Blaze9293395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

They seem to be getting it worse with leaks. There's a rat amongst one of them and they need to find out who. PSP Go was leaked what, 3 months early? Then it was known as the "PSP Slide". Slim PS3 rumor started how long ago, 1-2 months ago?

Who knows how many people who has heard about this have been holding off on buying a PS3 since then. Then word of mouth spreads ex: "Buying a PS3? I'd wait. I hear they are supposed to be coming out with a newer model soon." "Ahhh thanks for that"

PirateThom3395d ago

Yeah, there's definitely a lot of information that comes out from Sony before hand.

It's not doing them any good either, even if it is interesting news.

fr0sty3395d ago

Well, certain information is just expected, like PS3 slim and the price cut. Some won't matter if it leaks early, like the PSP Go price cut. And one secret is still just that... assuming this is all true. I won't even give you the reliable source song and dance, all I'll say is wait about 2 weeks and we'll all know the outcome.

lloyd_sr13395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

So, has unique information that no one else does? Lol. Ok. Riiight. Any no name site can claim to have secret information from insiders, then suger coat it with.. " bubu but chalk this up as a rumor," have it posted within the hour, and not lose their credibility as a website if they're wrong because they are already unknown. This seems like a desperate attempt to cash in on these PS3 Slim rumors.

G3TDOWN3395d ago

Sony employees RATTING/leaking for what ? telling your friend you know a secret about Sony and thinking you are the S^^t ?

fr0sty3395d ago

first of all, lloyd, we are hardly an unknown site. Our forum has over 30,000 members, most from our site, we've been around for many years... we're not the biggest site nor do we claim to be the most well known, but we do have a reputation to uphold. second, any rumor should be reported as such. any site that did not would be doing it's readers a disservice by leading them to believe something is true when it has a chance of being false. third, if i was going to make up some crap, i would pick an event a bit farther off so people would be more likely to forget about it after I already raked in the hits from it, therefore i wouldn't lose as much credibility.

also, we rarely ever post rumors. when we do, it's because we trust our source. so, those of you who feel the same way as ol' lloyd here, all i can say is wait until the 18th. Only 13 more days and you'll either feel like fools for doubting us or we'll be munching on crow.

somekindofmike3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Sometimes I wonder if Sony purposefully leak certain information to generate hype, it gives a certain degree of uncertainty, and people talk about it. Would we have discussed Sony so much in the build up to the conference on the 18th Aug if so much info hadn't been leaked?

It's definitely a possibility, but who knows?

@ Frosty,

I side with you against Lloyd! :) personally i've seen a few sites with rumours posted on the subject, most of which seem to be poorly written articles with grammar that wouldn't of been accepted in primary school, but your article seems the most credible and down to earth. If it turns out to be true great :D if it's not, no big deal it's only a rumour so as far as i'm concerned reporting a rumour doesn't damage you reputation, even if it does turn out to be wrong. Unless of course you're reporting false rumours every week! :)

FamilyGuy3395d ago


what else would it be?

I really just want download-able PS2 games on PSN, I got the earlier 80Gb model, you know, the good one with all the thrills.

Syronicus3395d ago

So keeping news like this hidden is nearly impossible. Even the lowest of employees knows that everybody wants new Sony news and so they get it and give it away for the masses. Sony would have to tighten down the whole ship and that will never happen considering they employ 180,000 people worldwide.

himdeel3395d ago

...Video to all regions.

All-33395d ago

Where's the posts saying it's the evil Microsoft's fault for the leaks - that they pay Sony employees to leak information out early in their ongoing battle to destroy Sony?


--> I really just want download-able PS2 games on PSN, I got the earlier 80Gb model, you know, the good one with all the thrills.

Somebody inform him that the 'good one, with ALL the frills/thrills' was the discontinued 60GB launch model, which had the EE hardware and other features and to a lesser extent - the discontinued 20GB launch model... not the 80GB PS3 with PS2 software emulation and lesser features.

GameGambits3395d ago

I was holding off on getting a PSP3000 till I knew what the GO! was all about at E3. When I saw the price point and that I flat out knew not all the games I wanted to play would be available to me right off the bat on the GO! I jumped ship and got a bundle pack for the 3000 instead.

If they had changed the price to say 199.99 for the GO! with a bundle pack or something along those lines I would have waited. So you may not think telling a GO! price cut ASAP is important, but it gave them one more 3000 sale with me when I might've held out longer.

My friend just bought his PS3 too. He might've held out for a Slim if he had known the price and such, but he was game deprived with just a 360 console.(He's not big on shooters, but every other genre especially RPGs are what he wants to play) So now he's playing MGS4, Killzone 2, Uncharted, Demon's Souls I lent him, Valkyria Chronicles, and Disgaea 3. He's pretty much set till the holiday games start pouring out and he's just touched the tip of the exclusive ice berg with his PS3.

At some point with how 360 is handling their exclusives people are just going to get bored not having new games to play and will grab a PS3 or Wii or both.

FamilyGuy3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

Mine was only
It plays PS2 games
it has 4 usb ports
it has card readers
Its quieter than the 60Gb models
It uses less power than the 60Gb models
It's less likely to ylod than the 60Gb models
I got 20 more Gbs than the 60Gb model and i haven't needed to upgrade my internal HDD because of that extra space.

What makes the 60Gb model better? Having more PS2 games work than mine does means NOTHING and I paid $200 less

Somebody inform THIS guy as he's been sorely mislead.

gambare3394d ago

"singhjeet29 - 14 hours ago
1 -
Sony really needs to close their legs to keep this information to them selves. "

yes but is hard when some guys spill the beans in every popular game forums. or even twitter

b777conehead3394d ago

frosty i hope you like crow

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Nitrowolf23395d ago

i would not be surprised if sony had something else up their sleeves.
13 days till gamecom (is it on the 18th?)

RememberThe3573395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

You know it's going to happen.

Blaze9293395d ago

I doubt we'll ever see a SingStar: Micheal Jackson...seeing as his name is spelled MichAEl ;)

fr0sty3395d ago

with PSEye motion capture dance moves! :P

Allelujah003394d ago

The PSP 4000.

If you guys remember Super_Secret in his last post he said, "Who said the PSP 3000 wasn't being discontinued. It is, but not by the PSP G0, but by the 4000."

100% sure it's PSP 4000

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RememberThe3573395d ago

I like seeing Sony being forced to make moves. Everyone wins. New PS3 and PSP owners will be able to pick them up for cheaper, the online is getting better by the week, and the exclusives are setting the higher with every release.

Hopefully this has something to do with GT5. I mean, what else could it be?

kaveti66163395d ago

That's the pro of the situation.

The con is that current sales will decline until Sony releases the Slim.

Mo0eY3395d ago

Yes, I will be the one to push this past 10 approvals so I can hear the Xbots cry.

You are welcome, Mr. fr0sty.

El Botto3395d ago

Why yes, something thats been developed by Polyphony Digital and will be bundled with the PS3/ Slim.

Sony calls it the "Bundle of death"

Kon_Artist 3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

ill be getting SOTC and god of war 1 and 2, and sht load of ps3 and ps2 games this x mis

kratos173395d ago

yea ps2 has the very best games that ever came out and i would love for a chance to play rogue galaxy again

-Mezzo-3395d ago

Beware of the Bundle Of Death.

Mo0eY3395d ago

PS2 and SNES have the best games ever released.

fr0sty3394d ago

Genesis and PS1 had some gems also, gotta show love where it's due.

RockmanII73394d ago

LoZ: OoT
Super Mario 64
Mario Kart 64
Excitebike 64
Wave Race 64
F-Zero X
Perfect Dark
Resident Evil 2
Super Smash Bros.
and Tony Hawk (Before they suked)

topdawg1223394d ago

Hell ya might get a psp go, and n64 and ps2 had the best games IMO

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Grooski3395d ago

With the patent filings recently, I suspect it is PS2 BC coming in firmware.

fr0sty3395d ago

Or possibly something in relation to PS Cloud?