NVIDIA Launches World's First Interactive Ray Tracing Engine

NVIDIA, the leader in GPU computing, today introduced the NVIDIA® OptiX ray tracing engine, part of a suite of application acceleration engines for software developers. NVIDIA acceleration engines make it easy to incorporate valuable, high-performance capabilities into applications, while simultaneously reducing development time.

NVIDIA application acceleration engines unveiled at Siggraph 2009 include:

* NVIDIA® OptiX engine for real-time ray tracing
* NVIDIA® SceniX engine for managing 3D data and scenes
* NVIDIA® CompleX engine for scaling performance across multiple GPUs
* NVIDIA® PhysX® 64-bit engine for real-time, hyper-realistic physical and environmental effects

As the world's first interactive ray tracing engine to leverage the GPU, the NVIDIA OptiX engine is a programmable ray tracing pipeline enabling software developers to easily bring new levels of realism to their applications using traditional C programming. By tapping into the massively parallel computing power of NVIDIA® Quadro® processors, the OptiX engine greatly accelerates the ray tracing used across a spectrum of disciplines, including: photorealistic rendering, automotive styling, acoustical design, optics simulation, volume calculations and radiation research. Application developers are utilizing the OptiX engine to redefine what's possible for designers, engineers and researchers.

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Kakkoii3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

Id like to see some tech demo's of this ray tracing system. It's good that Nvidia is actually pushing for Ray Tracing, it slaps all those people in the face who kept saying Nvidia was anti ray-tracing. Looks like they're on the forefront now :P.

Can't wait to play around with this system myself also. Should help very well with ray tracing my 3D scenes. It's a job much better done on a GPU than a CPU.

wAtdaFck3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

agreed! I remember hearing around the net how real time ray-tracing was "impractical." But its here now, right on our doorsteps :D

its exciting how closer and closer we're reaching photorealism

ThanatosDMC3418d ago

Teh PS3 games R teh DOOMZ!!

Yep, i remembered when everyone and anyone downplayed ray tracing on the PS3.

Foxgod3418d ago


What does this have to do with the ps3 ?
The current gen consoles are not suitable for ray tracing, this is for high end pc's.

ThanatosDMC3418d ago

PS3s are capable of ray tracing. Therefore, it has something to do with the PS3.

FamilyGuy3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

Every time I read/have read "Ray Tracing" it looks like they're talking about real time reflective surfaces or something. The shininess of a light reflection. I just don't get it.

As far as Thanatos, Ray Tracing has been mentioned time and again with the PS3. Things like "Gran Turismo 5 has real-time Ray Tracing". So I understand why he brought it up even though I don't know what IT is.

You can't tell me you've never heard an article speaking synonymously about the PS3 and Ray Tracing. It's the only time, up until now, that I've heard/read the term.

Foxgod3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

Technically every computer can do ray tracing, but that doesnt mean its suitable, a ray traced render on the 360 and ps3 would only be around 4 fps.

Way too low for gaming.
SO again, what does it have to do with the ps3 ?
According to your logic we could mention the 360, psp, ds etch as well, everything that can calculate and has a gpu can raytrace.

My pc is probably barely capable of doing a fully ray traced game and that an I7 with 6 gb of ddr3, and a Gf280, i am probably gonna have to upgrade to a dx11 videocard to make raytracing smooth.

@familyguy, ray tracing is just a rendering method, where light particles are being used to calculate what the sufaces of an object look like, this allows for instance, very realistic reflection (multiple objects reflecting each other realtime, instead of a static reflection image).

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Foxgod3418d ago

Hopefully we will see this on pc games soon, my pc is itching for a challenge.

Major_Tom3418d ago

You have a 280, there are tons of challenges for a medium-high-end card.

TheTruth893418d ago

No, Cell CPU is perfect for Ray Tracing technology, you can see some video of this CPU performing ray tracing on linux.

Plus, GT 5 use Ray Tracing.

free2game3653418d ago

That's likely all developer hype, remember the company that did the ghost busters game said that it used ray tracing in minor ways too.

TheTruth893418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

GT5 is 50/60% Ray-Tracing Technology


Cell not enough for Ray Tracing? SBAM

All these videos WITHOUT GPU support, since in Linux it's not available for 3d.

Of course is a Cluster, but even ONE can do something similar with GPU support.

Wanna more?

Hear what the big Phil say in the video!

FamilyGuy3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

That dude is in denial, he's not gonna listen to that...

kaveti66163418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

GT5 has limited ray tracing. It's not even in-game so I don't know where you got your 50-60% figure. Even the almighty Cell cannot handle fully in-game ray tracing, only in limited bursts. Ray Tracing in GT5 is used in the presentation of vehicles outside of races, when buying vehicles and in situations like that.

Let's hope Sony makes the Cell 2 powerful enough for ray-tracing, although I've been told by the PC guys above that it won't happen.

Foxgod3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

What i am talking about is ray tracing on full game scale level,
Those are tech demo's, and rather unimpressive looking.
Why dont you look up some pc ray tracing tech demo's, to see what its really supposed to look like.

Like i said, every computer with a gpu can ray trace, even a psp, but that doesnt mean its suitable, a 360 cant ray trace full games, and a ps3 cant either, period.
All it can do it tech demo's.

What makes you think some console can pull something off, that even a high end pc can barely do.
My pc is 6 x as fast and strong as a ps3 or 360, and it stutters like hell on ray tracing demo's.
Which is mainly because of my gpu, i got a dx 10 card now, and i will need a dx11 gpu when they arrive, for smooth ray tracing.

dirthurts3418d ago

Ray tracing is a totally different way of producing an image. GT5 uses rasterization, just like all modern games.
I've saw 3 PS3's running in tandem to produce a single car displayed on screen with very low frame rate. Current consoles can not push ray tracing yet.

Kushan3418d ago

Quick, someone mention killzone 2 so we can have even more misinformation about ray-tracing spread around!

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free2game3653418d ago

I don't see this working with current hardware unless it's something like physx where one GPU does ray tracing and the other GPU does the other rendering.

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