GamePro: NHL 10 Preview

GamePro writes: "Furthering the storyteller presentation, is the continuous series graphical enhancements to the game. Players that are brave (stupid?) enough to continuously throw themselves in front of a screaming Ovechkin slap shot will show up to games later in the series with black eyes, welts on their face and the like. Players that get sidelined and still want to continue playing, that includes anybody that takes an Ovie slapper to the face, can sport jaw protectors for their rearranged face. All of this further promotes a true hockey playoff atmosphere as you'll have to battle the fatigue, mental and physical, on your way to becoming the Stanley Cup Champions".

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loslonelyman3395d ago

Obviously other than MW2 and Uncharted..this is a MUST BUY!

Bebedora3395d ago

I play NHL 09 constantly. This is a must buy!