East India Company Review: Trouble On The High Seas (TGH)

TGH writes:
"Like any credible strategy game, "EIC" comes with a tutorial to show you the ropes around the interface as well as the game itself. You'll learn how to navigate the interface, learn about three views, and get a small sample of naval combat. The problem with the tutorial is it's mostly text-based and filled with typos. It is also not scripted very well as there were several occasions I had to restart the tutorial because I wasn't following the "proper steps" despite following the instructions.

Unfortunately, the problems don't stop with the tutorial. Once you make your way into the gameplay of "EIC" you'll quickly realize that there isn't much player involvement. The game is entirely based around the known-world map strategic view, where you can see the ships zipping along the oceans. This is the screen where you will give orders to your fleets as well as influence their engagement policies. For example, you can have one strong fleet patrol the area and engage with any hostile nations, and another to perform a certain trade route. The entire problem with "EIC" is that everything is automated. When you set up a trade route, the ship does it's thing by going to the port, buying some goods, and going back to your port to sell them. When you patrol your ship to engage..."

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