Is Valve Being Fair To 360 Owners?

Spencer Thompson of The Bitbag poses the question, "Is Valve being fair to 360 owners?" Are you upset about the hasty release of L4D2? Well Spenny T is! Hear him roar!

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sunil3395d ago

From video - "I dont think L4D2 should be coming up, but I will purchase it anyway"

Guess why the gamers are being exploited.... we let it happen.

kaveti66163395d ago

WTF? It's not Valve's fault. Microsoft is forcing them to charge for content.

wicked3395d ago

I am happy to pay for it, it's not full price anyway, I pre-ordered mine from Amazon for £29.99. Most new games are £39.99, COD MW2 is £44.99 now that is just taking the mickey.