Bungie Lead Producer, Halo ODST requires tactics to play

iTWire spoke to Curtis Creamer, Bungie Lead Producer on the upcoming Halo ODST, they discussed the upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive, had a bit of a look at the Firefight multiplayer and sat in a real Warthog (pictures within), designed by those folks from the The Lord Of The Rings movies, Weta.

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Pandamobile3394d ago

Halo? Tactics? Lol.

(Nothing against Halo, but I would never expect a Halo game to require any kind of tactical thinking.)

The BS Police3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

Then you do not know how to play Halo. Everything from knowing the weaponspawns, to using weapons and vehicles effectively. Teamwork is also very important, having teammates announce to you the location of the other team and/or what weapons the other team has is very useful.

The video I have embeded shows what can happen if you think tactically and time a Rocket Launcher right.

-MD-3394d ago

You probably think playing Heavy in TF2 is skill though right?

Halo3 MLG Pro3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

LOL. This coming from a guy that plays TF2??? I have played every FPS pretty much in existance. PC and Console. And I never have found a FPS that has such strict tactical teamwork and skill. Nothing really comes close.


then i am guessing you don't play much halo.

Sure you can play halo run and gun style and against the noobs you won't think its needed.

Try playing a team of level 35's and up and see how far you get without any sort of plan or tactic in place.

The Meerkat3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

Without tactics in Halo your just Cannon Fodder.

edit: DARK WITNESS, most people in a team couldn't beat a single level 35 playing by himself.

DelbertGrady3394d ago

“the Chief has regenerating shields, as an ODST we have gone back to the ‘health’ and ‘stamina’ model, you can’t run as fast, you can’t jump as high, so the way you approach encounters needs to be more tactical. So as the Chief, you can just run, jump right into the middle of something and you are pretty sure you will be fine.“

Halo3 MLG Pro3394d ago

That's why I love Halo 3 so much. Playing MLG rules with level 45 and up is just pure competitive bliss. Nothing better than a good 4vs4 match whether its slayer, teamball, or ctf. The level of skill and teamwork involved is second to none.

Jinxstar3394d ago

Honestly it sounds like PR spin to counter MAG... Honestly I don't even think people want Halo to become Socom.... I am not a halo fan but I prefer it to socom myself. To me the run and gun is just more fun but meh. Hopefully it turns out well for halo fans.

Raf1k13394d ago

Halo doesn't require any tactics you wouldn't need for any other FPS multiplayer game. The same tactics that were used for games like Quake 3 are all that's needed.

The Bungie guy was simply saying that players will need to approach the encounters in ODST differently to the way they do in the previous games.
I'm assuming he's talking about single player so there will be some adjustment needed.

I doubt it will be a game that requires strict teamplay tactics for players to be successful.


@ The Meerkat

Oh i totally agree with you... but i didn't want to say that less i scare some people of trying it, lol.

a whole team of average lets say between 15 and 25 against 1 level 35 and lets say the rest of his team are all 10's. i would say 99.9% of the time the 35 will win. if the other team wins its prob more random luck.

The Meerkat3394d ago

I'm only a 19

But I did get a Steaktacular Medal in a free for all, so i'm not that bad.

Bnet3433393d ago

If you've seen a live match of MLG, there's a lot of communication and tactics involved. If you go into Team Slayer at level 40 or above, you need tactics and communication to win.

Xi3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

The power weapons in halo play an extremely important role in a winning battle, proper rotations to equipment weapons and powerups are 50% of the game.

take the pit, 2 teammates rush rockets another rush invis, the last one goes sniper then overshield, if the sniper can pick up the enemies rifle then it's an easy 5-10 point lead, if they can box in the opposing team and maintain control on the power weapons you can pull a victory by well over 25 points. And this is purely slayer, not including flag/king of the hill/bomb.

there are a tonne of tactics in halo, otherwise it wouldn't be in cal/cpl/mlg etc.

I only managed to reach 45 in team slayer prior to the stat/level system changed but when ever I played any team with the slightest concept of organization I'd get obliterated.

Pandamobile3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

When ever I play Halo, people just whore the good weapons and I never get a chance to use them. So I'm stuck running around with an SMG or BR or something and fallow the guy with the laser or sniper until he dies and I can collect his loot.

So, no, my experiences on Halo haven't been very good.

And Murderdolls:

TF2 requires a ton of team tactics. The name of the game IS Team Fortress 2. You can't win a game if everyone runs solo, even a Heavy is pretty useless on his own without a Medic or someone watching his back. Not to mention that TF2 is probably the most well balanced game every created. Every class has a strength and weakness and that's part of TF2's beauty :)

Halo3 MLG Pro3393d ago

LOL, your stuck with the Battle Rifle? Dude that's the best weapon. I can tell that your skills are definitely lacking. You have no right to talk about Halo 3 when your skills are very limited.

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shutupandplay3394d ago

I can`t wait to hop in some 4 player open world with tactics. That just screams badass.

DelbertGrady3394d ago

*Looks at disagrees for commenting positive about Halo, in a Halo article in the 360 channel*

Welcome to Droidsville!

lokiroo4203394d ago


So says the guy in EVERY ps3 article.

Etseix3393d ago

so.... it will be like Brothers in Arms?
or like Ghost Recon?

mmmmmmm...................... ............................... ....

table3394d ago

I'm not sure if some of the Halo players will have the mental capacity to use tactics...

Halo3 MLG Pro3394d ago

Just like you and the rest of your buddies don't have the mental capacity to come into a Halo article and say something constructive.

DelbertGrady3394d ago

At least they will have the option to use proper voice chat and help combine their mental capacities by communicating.

Raf1k13394d ago

I think he's right. We all know there are plenty of kids that play Halo who don't even know what tactics are. I don't know if you realised but he said 'some' not all.
You'd have to be pretty ignorant to say that every Halo player is capable of playing a tactical game properly.

(notice how I said 'some' in the title and not all)

KionicWarlord2223394d ago

Your right over 9 million kids played halo....'

Raf1k13394d ago

I should have knowon that when I said 'plenty of kids' you'd take that as meaning millions. My bad.

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BlueScreenOfDeath3394d ago

finish the game in 20 minutes or less

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