AppStruck: Radial 50 Review

AppStruck writes: "Ever play that addictive ball game on console systems and computers, the one where you ricochet a ball off your moving paddle and the walls to strike and destroy bars collected at the top of the screen? Right! Me too! Only there are hundreds of variations of the same game, all stemming from one original called Breakout that was released on the Atari in 1976. Breakout was influenced by the eponymous Pong, but removed the second paddle in favor of a wall of "bricks" to be destroyed by your bouncing ball. I've played so many offshoots of this game I can't even begin to describe them at length, most of them just variations in color theme, or allotting certain powers to the ball, like speed or double power, or even a splitting power that temporarily gives you three balls instead of one, and then, of course, the usual double or triple combo scoring features that are fairly typical of games trying to make gameplay fresh and exciting."

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