AppStruck: Myst for a New Age Review

AppStruck writes: "1993 was the year gaming was born. In a single year, the release of two games advanced for their time, drastically changed the way games were made and opened new doors of possibility for the gaming industry. And their legacy remains: in 2004 Doom was voted the greatest game of all time by industry insiders, it pioneering violent 3D graphics and multiplayer gameplay; and Myst has only been surpassed recently as the best-selling PC game of all time, but still is the best selling adventure game. In complete opposition to Doom, Myst shattered molds of conformity by relying on logical thinking and puzzle gameplay, in a complex, emotional, world of mystery and intrigue. Myst's ability to transcend the blood and gore of now common Doom-type first person shooters, and its ability to appeal to all ages, has carved for it a very special, and unattainable niche that will never be surpassed."

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