Serious Sam HD Petition for PSN Version

Koku Gamer writes: 'PS3 fans of Serious Sam have started a petition to get Serious Sam HD released on the PSN.'

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N4PS3G3092d ago

damn 21 signatures! Thats a lot!

No wonder why the devs thought there wasn't enough interest

A HiFi3092d ago

Maybe this will help it out.

socomnick3092d ago

Even the ban HHG petition has more votes lol.

Ziriux3092d ago

Yea no crap 21 is a ton.

RememberThe3573092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

I have no problem with more content on the PSN.

BrokenAnarchy3092d ago

Maybe it was just created?

I never got to play the original so I may try it out. I hope it does come to the PSN but if not I'll just get on XBL.

ShinMaster3092d ago

I was too busy playing Shatter and Fat Princess.

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Ziriux3092d ago

Everyone should experience serious sammy.

Whitefeather3092d ago

No thanks. No cartoony graphics, no buy.

A HiFi3092d ago

Really? The cartoony graphics of Serious Sam II were too over-the-top.

Viper73092d ago

Who cares about the looks..
Serious Sam is more about the big guns and huge ammount of enemies.
Theres no time to look if your shooting mickey mouse's or aliens.

If I cared about the looks I would have missed soo many great games in the past.

Ziriux3092d ago

Yea lol ur silly for not liking a cartoony style game. Look at TF 2 its got some of the best gameplay. You cannot dislike a game onlyfor its style.

A HiFi3092d ago

No I think he's referring to the fact that they are toning down the cartoony look. Serious Sam HD is going to be running on Serious Engine 3.0 so it'll be a lot more realistic looking...if you could call it realistic.

Ziriux3092d ago

Oh ok understood sir.

A HiFi3092d ago

There has been no Serious Sam love this generation, and now it seems we've got a ton of it with Serious Sam HD, Serious Sam III and Serious Sam Forever all coming.

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The story is too old to be commented.