Serious Sam Forever MP Beta Sign-ups Open

Koku Gamer writes: 'Prophets of Sam's new Serious Sam game, Serious Sam Forever, is now open for beta applications and we've got the details.'

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Ziriux2995d ago

Oh heck yea i cannot wait for this im good at serious sam.

A HiFi2995d ago

Yeah, seems pretty awesome to me. The 100 bots thing sounds (and looks) insane. There's a video of it on youtube somewhere.

-Mezzo-2995d ago

I hope i get to be in the BETA

FragMnTagM2995d ago

A play on another popular "Forever" game, cough cough Duke Nukem Forever.

FragMnTagM2995d ago

"Duke, Freeman, Quake guy, all amateurs. I am the only serious action hero out there." Those some mighty big words.

A HiFi2995d ago

Haha yeah. I thought that was great. =)

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