First Monster Hunter 3 review score, rated by Famitsu

Monster Hunter 3 was released in Japan over the weekend, but no Famitsu review was provided in last week's issue. Typically, however, the magazine waits a few days to review some of the bigger titles.

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Myst3393d ago

Le Gasp!

Well hopefully sometime next year hopefully in the first two months the US and EU will be able to experience the game.

knox3393d ago

woot great score, so close

knox3393d ago

lawl saw the change, so it got perfect huh, nvm my last comment then

Obama3393d ago

I simply don't trust Famitsu. They gave haze and last remanent exceptionally high scores too, and see what happened? Not saying MH3 is a bad game though, but Famitsu cannot be trusted at all.

heroicjanitor3393d ago

But I think this review is probably accurate, it is the only wii game of it's kind.

knox3393d ago

i agree, i dunno if its perfect but i think its a damn good game

PinkUni3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

theres no such thing as a perfect game

gta4 definitely wasn't a perfect games because people have already stopped playing it, but ign gave them a perfect score regardless because they dont care if a game last longer then a few months

i can safely say that most high-end mmos are better then the singleplayer games that get rated high by gaming websites that hardly have any sort of legitimacy, because they aren't really playing the games, because they need to move on to the next ones

monster hunter is probably one of the best games in terms of animations, system design, and online support. but people in america dont want to give it any sort of legitimacy because they want american games to win, they want xbox to win because xbox was made in america and they have this stupid mentality behind their heads of competition between countries

ChickeyCantor3392d ago

"but Famitsu cannot be trusted at all."

Le opinion?

Baka-akaB3392d ago

Opinion ?

Not much a need to get on some high horse here . The game is probably fine or even great , but famitsu reviews are indeed severely flawed .

PS360WII3392d ago

umm well one thing we should all remember is that Famitsu is based in Japan if I'm not mistaken... so kind of outside of our own culture... they see things differently... handhelds and rpgs are much more popular... crazy tv shows... odd computer games... different reviews for games the US/EU hate... see where I'm going here?

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Light Yagami3393d ago

Awesome. Can't wait to buy it.

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The story is too old to be commented.