Square Enix Countdown Site Reveals More Images

It appears Square Enix has yet again updated the countdown to their mystery game, which is set to be unveiled on August 7th in Japan.

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Kyll2940d ago

Come on FF spin off piece of crap! :D

Nitrowolf22940d ago

lol, SE should give its fan base what it wants and stop giving us games that no one asked for.

The_Darkest_Red2940d ago

Hopefully when the timer hits 0 Squenix will explode and turn into Squaresoft.

Torkith2940d ago

Wow, that was one of the funniest things I have read in a while, hahaha.

Saaking2940d ago

SE sucks right now anyways so I'm not really hyped up for this.

Myst2940d ago

Well not to long now.

*picks up a big soda, a big bag of popcorn while sitting in the chair and waits*

2940d ago
kratos172940d ago

the only thing that i want is kingdom hearts 3 for ps3 whether its exclusive or not doesnt really matter to me

LeGenDx2940d ago

im a big fan of KH

imagion having co-op in KH =D

NeoCloud2940d ago

I hope its a New PS3,X360 game but i think its gonna be some PSP,DS game.

skatezero2462940d ago

couldn't agree more Kratos

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The story is too old to be commented.