Xbox 360 Transfer Cable now available

Free and now available, but it's a pain in the ass:

The 120GB HDD does come with a piece of equipment not included in the Xbox 360 Elite--a cable to transfer content from older 20GB 360 HDDs. This comes as no surprise, as Microsoft said the Elite would not come with the accessory when it announced the Elite back in March. The company's rationale was that the Elite is intended for consumers who hadn't purchased a 360 yet, so no transfer should be necessary.

Following weeks of grumbling on game blogs, Microsoft is offering data transfer cables for free to Xbox 360 Elite owners for a "limited" time. However, to obtain a cable, gamers must first jump through a few bureaucratic hoops. First, they must download, print, and fill out an authorization form with both consoles' serial numbers. Said form must then be sent via standard US mail to a redemption center in Indiana, which will then send out an Xbox 360 data migration kit gratis.

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likeaboss3024218d ago (Edited 4218d ago )

I bought the Elite and the 120GB HD kit at the same time. I used the transfer kit that came with the 120GB HD to transfer over the HD in my old unit. Then I make sure everything was nice a neat and took the 120GB back.

I still plan on getting the tranfer kit from MS and then sharing it with users on the sites I visit.

ASSASSYN 36o4218d ago

Thats cute. I think I will do half of what you said myself with regard to buying and returning the external drive and cable. But, I read at Ign360 that the cable and associated software is binding to the 360`s you use it on rendering it useless.