Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Comes To Wii This November

Wii owners will be getting their own Modern Warfare fix this fall, as Activision will be releasing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for Nintendo's best-selling platform in November alongside the release of Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare 2.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be a port of Infinity Ward's blockbuster hit Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, originally released in 2007 on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. The Wii version of that game is planned to arrive on November 10 of this year, the same day that Modern Warfare 2 ships to retail.

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Chubear3421d ago

It'll be interesting to see what it looks like on the Wii

bpac1234567893421d ago

That's going to be the worst ports of one of the best games of the year. Think of modern warfare 2 with bad graphics, motion control, and the worst online experience possible. I don't mean to hate on the wii but lets get real, the game is going to be ass next to the ps3,360, and pc version. They don't even have a decent online, how would it work? and isn't nitendo against most M games, especially shooters?

adriano9993421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

it's a port of CoD4 not MW2

sack_boi3420d ago

the game is 600p, the Wii can almost handle it, so it won' look THAT bad.

leila013420d ago

A port....of the first Modern Warfare.....on the Treyarch. Could it get any worse?

IzKyD13313420d ago

"A port....of the first Modern Warfare.....on the Treyarch. Could it get any worse?"

Yeah, they're gonna have to downgrade the game's character models to "Miis" :D

Eamon3420d ago

If they try to use wii motionplus in this game, then maybe it won't be flop as much as everyone will think it will?

Mozilla893420d ago

Activision is a probably trying to cash in on the huge crowd the Wii has, but hey, if this turns out good, then the Wii owners can enjoy this great title the rest of us have been having fun with since 07.

Personally it feels like a slap in the face. I mean here everyone else gets a shiny new MW2, while the Wii owners get a remake of a 2 year old game.

Mini Mario3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

"1.6 - Imagine the controls for "sprinting" is by shaking the wii remote. That'd be hilarious!"

It will be really funny if it was used with natal, tho. Coz then you would literally have to sprint around your room!! That'd be hilarious!!

Using your hands as pretend guns!

Mini Mario3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

"Activision is a probably trying to cash in on the huge crowd the Wii has, but hey, if this turns out good, then the Wii owners can enjoy this great title the rest of us have been having fun with since 07."

What version have u been playing the dumbed down ps3/360 version? Coz i own a wii, 360 and ps3 and i still rather play a FPS on a PC. Online is better too because i dont have to pay additional "live" fee's on top of my internet connection.

"... the game is going to be ass next to the ps3,360, and pc version."

Well why even play it on the ps3/360?..or even make out that they are on the same level as a PC. I mean seriously if u want better graphics and better online why LIMIT yourself to the under powered ps3/360 consoles. Because it sounded like you were saying the 360/ps3/PC were all equals in the power department. Maybe they are "ass" compared to the latter.

Lucky i have all of the above so it doesnt matter which system has what.

bpac1234567893420d ago

Oh my bad it does say that its going to be a port of cod4, that's what i get for not reading carefully lol. But either way my points remain the same. the graphics will be downgraded and the online is going to be terrible.

kunit22c3420d ago

lol at the fanboy haters, why do you keep repeating yourselves? each fanboy says the same comment, dumbed down graphics and bad online. lol both world at war and the conduit have solid online on the Wii so how do you figure? and duh the graphics will be dumbed down, how many times do we have to hear that same story? Every time a new good Wii game comes along? It seems like you have been saying that alot lately :o but anyways im sure they'll do fine like they did with world at war, i just hope in this one they actually add capture the flag, and a few more stages would be nice even though world at war had plenty.

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qface643421d ago

wait what?
where did this come from? am i the only one who thinks this is very random?

anyways i guess MW2 will come to the wii as well

but im still scratching my head here??

Riddicrash3421d ago

I too find this to be qutie random, it almost seems unfair to the Wii owners, why cant they get a port of Modern Warfare 2, to me that makes more sense, but I suppose if it gives Wii owners a chance to experience the awesomeness that is Modern Warfare Im all for it!

N4g_null3420d ago

These guys must believe they are better than HVS. Also the conduit looks to be way more fun than their first game simply because HVS let you set up your controls. Activision sees sales they may go beyond their frist game and seriously they have all of the art already and will do a low resolution port with some touch ups. This may not cost even a fraction of what it took to make the first game.

Will it look ugly only time will tell. I just know it better not look worst that the conduit effect wise or even art wise. We will see.... this will boost their sales and possibly do more for the franchise than MW2 since it is not going to cost $70 LOL. Hell it could even make the game fun !#GASP#!!

I'll still be look forward to the grinder more since I know their engine is a lot better from the get go.

If Treyarch does a good job then this could actually be good for thisd team because it seems infinty is more about high end graphics and Treyarch is still looking for their fame. The question is can Treyarch out do infinty ward on the wii!? If so that may be a very important start to some thing because if Treyarch finds more success on the wii just because the game cost less to make and makes more of a profit they may actually get to make some thing else other than a FPS!

Ares84HU3421d ago

MW on Wii.....I suppose they need to change to guns to paintball guns or water guns so all those soccer moms, grannies and 10under kids can play it :)

qface643421d ago

haha haha what a new and original joke .........

qface643420d ago

eh? i don't remember saying i was offended by his joke

N4g_null3420d ago

The joke was pretty lame to me. It was very tired and predictable like HD game console sales. I'm starting to wonder if HD owners even get laid any more, thats how lame things are getting.

Another thing is I would love to see some granny meleeing the hell out of you console jockeys LOL that would be hilarious! I bet this would happen a lot more than not too since most of you get beat in wii sports bowling by your mums.

I really think that is where the hate is coming from... I mean are you really going to call your mom gay after you lost LOL... I hope not that would suck and be very awkward.

Motion controls work so good it really does expose how good you are take certain things. If a kid shot you with a gun just by pointing it at you then you would died, if he had to use an analog stick he would most likely miss LOL. The point is the competition is going to be almost PC level... If these guys can do that along then count me in.

Another thing is let us run a lot faster... or at least select a run speed by vote.

SinnedNogara3420d ago

@ Ares84HU

What a funny and original joke!

@ scissor-runner


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