PlayStation Motion Controller & Natal to Be Successful?

Today Nick McCandless from talks about Sony's motion controller and Project Natal. Will these two motion capturing devices progress the gaming industry further, or will they just be another set of peripherals?

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Saaking3395d ago

Natal is Fail!!! check this out

SONY has been working on this kind of stuff for years... look at around 7:28 and you'll see a very similar game to that presented during MS conference.

Nick2120043394d ago

Just because it isn't the newest technology doesn't mean it will fail, just look at the Wii.

Nick2120043395d ago

I am not too sure if I will be interested in either motion controlled device, but I will check them both out and see what they have to offer.

Major_Tom3395d ago

Unless they come bundled with the hardware and software like Microsoft is doing than I can't imagine it would be all to successful.

Definitely don't see Sony doing it.

Nick2120043395d ago

I feel they are introducing the peripherals far too late into this generation. Now a motion controller will be optional and not given to all owners like the Wii.

Nick2120043395d ago

Thanks man. I thought that image would be appropriate for the topic. I got one of my staff members to do it so props to him (mumbo).

player-13394d ago


PHOSADRA3395d ago

I think that Sony's and Microsoft's motion control will be ok but won't revolutionize gaming.
(At least not this gen)

There are just to many things that you can't do with the lack of buttons.

Even Nintendo had to use buttons on a system based entirely on motion control.

table3395d ago

Gotta love the N4G tradition of putting a question mark at the end of a statement.

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