Batman: Arkham Asylum Collector's Edition Gets Cheaper writes:

"In addition to the previous post on the regular edition, Amazon is also offering nice discounts on the Collector's Edition... you know, the one with the Batarang...

The CE version retails for $99.99, but is discounted to

$85.99 (Xbox 360)
$88.99 (PS3)
after applying the $5 off promo code below...

Batman: Arkham Asylum Collector's Edition Bonus Items Include:

- Waynetech Batarang Storage Box.
- 14" In-Game Design Batarang (stand attached).
- Dr. Young's Journal (50 page full color character encyclopedia).
- 2 Sleeve DIGI-Pack Including:
- Game
- Behind the scenes 5 chapter series DVD, including: interviews with Mark Hammil and Kevin Conroy.
- Exclusive Collector's Edition Challenge Map DLC.

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DFogz2995d ago

Wish I had known about this before I ordered mine using the 50% off coupon from their trade-in deal. I only paid $5 and that was with overnight shipping!

The Matrix2995d ago

YES! $100 was waaaay too expensive.

FamilyGuy2994d ago

Collectors editions are now more expensive on the PS3. BlazBlue was this way too.

oldskoolgamer2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

wrong reply

Bretty2994d ago

Has a comparison of it running on both consoles been done yet?

I want this game and I want the collectors edition but I'm not sure if the PS3 exclusive is enough to warrant me purchasing for a console I haven't played for ages.