PC World: Xbox 360 owners shouldn't bother upgrading to Elite

My first impressions of this new iteration of Microsoft's two-year-old game console are generally positive--particularly with regard to the dramatically improved integration of the optional Xbox HD DVD Player, and the improved image quality offered by HDMI (the differences are there, albeit not as striking as one might expect)....

Though I don't think this update of the current Xbox 360 makes sense for every gamer to upgrade to, the HDMI capability alone makes the Elite a more-appealing option if you're planning on buying your first Xbox.

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shotty4246d ago

Wasn't the elite targeted the whole time at new buyers, microsoft even reinforced this when they didn't include the transfer cable. I know hardcore gamers want the best but for everyone else if you want the 120GB just get the standalone drive and you dont have to worry about DRM issues since the games linked the the console serial number which will remain the same since you are using the same console.

Note that microsoft is working on a program that allows you to do a console ID swap.

rbanke4245d ago

I dont think any company puts out a new version of the same console with the expectation of people buying it, its more to help garner the attention of those on the fence for a purchase, or to give a better option for future purchasers. This release adds some new features, but its pretty similar to Nintendo redesigning the nes, Sony redesigning the ps1,ps2. I look at it as a simple revision of a product that future consumers might buy instead of the less featured versions.

rbanke4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

oops, double post

Halonator4246d ago

i am not upgrading. I would have rather have the elite, but there is no reason to least for me.

likeaboss3024245d ago

I bought an Elite to upgrade my Premium and have been happy with it. However it's not going to be for everyone. If your HDTV supports 1:1 pixel mapping over HDMI then it might be worth it. That way you lose the overscan and get some more of the picture that's usually cropped off. The extra space on the hard drive is nice as well. I was a pretty heavy PC gamer but $1500 every two years to upgrade my box was getting expensive.

BIadestarX4245d ago

Ofcourse it does not make lots of sense to upgrade at this point if you already have a 360. Now, when features such as IPTV and NetFlix start kicking and you want to watch them on 1080P and your 20GB drive then you may want it.

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The story is too old to be commented.