Will Metroid: Other M be released next August?

"Speculation about the release date of Metroid: Other M began back when the first trailer was shown at E3. Many people watching saw the hud at the end of the trailer which read 3/25, and instinctively thought that was a hint to the release date. Although that was a good guess, if you really knew Nintendo you would know the release date."

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Product2941d ago

Honestly with Metroid, Mario, Sin and Punishment, Zelda, and Endless Ocean coming next year I'll have way to many games to play just from Nintendo.

DanteLinkX2941d ago

Do not tell me you forgot No More Heroes 2 and Arc Rise Fantasia, please tel me you didn't.

xztence2941d ago

I think zelda will be 2011.

Mahr2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

"Do not tell me you forgot No More Heroes 2 and Arc Rise Fantasia, please tel me you didn't."

I don't think he forgot; he was just listing the first and second-party games. Desperate Struggle, Arc Rise Fantasia, Monster Hunter Tri, Tales of Graces, etc. are all being developed by third-party companies.

Smacktard2941d ago

Arc Rise Fantasia? Totally forgettable.

Product2941d ago

i was talking about Nintendo made games, not third party...if i include third party i will need a second mortgage

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-Mezzo-2941d ago

I thought this would be released this holiday season.

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fossilfern2941d ago

:( a whole year away. But it should be worth it i absolutely love Metroid :D

DarkBlood2941d ago

this is my wii games to get list

Metriod Prime Trilogy
Cursed Mountains
Silent Hill Shattered Memories
Dead Space Extraction
Resident Evil DarkSide Chronicles
New Super Mario Bro’s
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Metriod The Other M
Sin & Punishment 2
Monster Hunter 3 Tri
No More Heroes 2
Red Steel 2
Tales Of MotherShip
arc Rise of Fantasia

ChickeyCantor2940d ago

Tales of Grace its called =)

DarkBlood2940d ago

ahh your right lol sorry

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