Rage of the Gladiator: Promising or Epic Fail?

WiiLand writes, "On the one hand, it seems to offer exactly what we were asking for: total motion control gladiator action. We can envision a setup using the Wii-mote or something similar to Microsoft's upcoming Project Natal camera, in which the player could use household items to fend off enemies in bloody hand-to-hand combat.

But as usual with the Wii, the game's graphics are caught between a bad 1970s fantasy movie and early 3D PC games like Rise of the Triads. This gladiator sim certainly isn't pretty.

Like your favorite underdogs, the developers could have a winner on their hands if they can manage to..."

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Shnazzyone3391d ago

Well.. thanks to that picture I will now throw up and have nightmares tonight.

-Mezzo-3391d ago

I can't even focus on the news, that really is abnormal.