IDC Slams "Myopic" Kutaragi Reports

"An IDC analyst has criticized media who have suggested that Ken Kutaragi's retirement from Sony is some kind of punishment for PlayStation 3's launch performance.

Billy Pidgeon wrote in a new report, "The popular press scenario [which] casts the PS3 as Sony's folly has journalists suggesting that Kutaragi's retirement is a dressing down for a failed PS3 launch. IDC believes this is a facile, myopic perspective. The negative on the PS3 is that the console is a late bloomer.

"IDC believes that Mr. Kutaragi's considerable talents are needed behind the scenes developing next generation technology rather running a business unit.

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Maddens Raiders4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

KK. On second thought - you kinda F'd up the AC6 franchise for me so.....(lol) see ya & good riddance! J/K

VirtualGamer4249d ago

Nice to see not everyone is taking a cheap shot and actually has some perspective in what they comment about. I guess I can't totally blame the press. Its a competative industry in which viewership and site hits are what count. You see it here with all the flamebait articles getting the most action. We are like moths to a flame. As long as we react like that then many journalist will continue to sensationalize the headlines and look for the negative and controversal to draw the moths to the flames.

Maldread4249d ago

Yeah you`re right.

I hope Ken does indeed help Sony develop their next console. The guy knows what he`s doing. And despite all the negativity about Ken, i always found them rather amusing actually. Maybe he should try comedy or something. As long as he let someone else stand for the talking, i see no reason why he shouldn`t be involved in further additions of Playstation.

As much as we dislike flamebait, it`s obvious most people want it and newssites are more than willing to provide it, in return of hits on the site. It`s as in the media generally, more about celebrities new haircut or new dog or that they bought something to eat (wow !!!what a shock !!!) and less about actual news.