The Playlist: August 2009

August's new video game releases, neatly packaged and in one place thanks to TheGameReviews.

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Haly3335d ago

Secretly it's Hannah Montana I can't wait for, not Batman ;)

Viewtiful3335d ago

Batman seemed really boring and lame at E3. Hope I'm wrong.

rucky3335d ago

Hannah Montana's out this month?!

SlamVanderhuge3335d ago

Batman, TMNT, and Shadow Complex will remove funds from my account this month. I cannot stop it

Wastrel53335d ago

Have to admit that Fossil Fighters brings up some epic imagery. Fusty old archaeologists beating each other to death with Ammonite casts? I want that made.

mr durand pierre3335d ago

Looks like a solid month of gaming. Not too many triple A titles, but I wouldn't have time for them anyway. Batman plus some cool downloadable games sounds solid to me.