New Final Fantasy XIV Races Names And Jobs Announced

Little has been known about Final Fantasy XIV since its shock announcement at this year's E3 in Los Angeles. However, a Japanese magazine has just published some fresh information, which details some new characters, some jobs as well as confirmation of the races that will appear in the game.

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Myst2939d ago

So much information over the game today!

The updated looks are nice and I think I should find an Elvaan (since I don't know the name of their race) avatar until the game comes out!

mephman2939d ago

I wonder what their new name will be. Lalafell sounds like a Tellytubby.

Myst2939d ago

They could take out that extra A and it would still be a new name technically :p. Though I wonder when the next Famitsu is as I'm curious now as to what they will be called and if their will be another race or not.

Selyah2939d ago

Glad to see something looking like taru's back!

mephman2939d ago

Haha, yea. I wonder if it'll still be the most popular race. :p

Lanontscuz2939d ago

cmon elvan redmage!!! lol

ShawnCollier2939d ago

Classes seem interesting. :)