MGU Review: Miss Drama Queen

MGU writes: "All girls out there have at one stage or another fancied being the belle of the ball. Fortunately for us ladies, Miss Drama Queen will help you achieve this through your mobile - and who knows, if you pick up a few tips perhaps you'll make it happen in real life?!

Rightly or wrongly this game is a bit like how a classic Disney Princess could be if made for the modern day. The rather dated appearance of Cinderella has been given a totally new look which is far more current and you will be pleased to see she's lost the huge puffy ball gown in favour of something much more chic and daring!

The object of the game is to complete the 9 mini-games which equate to a different stage in the competition to become the prima donna beauty queen. The first task to successfully accomplish is of course, shopping, or more to the point, shopping for five items when working to a tight budget. This will test your memory, as you'll have to hunt around and recall which shop sells the correct item on the list and also take full advantage of the sales."

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