MGU Review: Super Yum Yum

MGU writes: "With a name like Super Yum Yum, you are guaranteed a game that's destined to make your stomach rumble. Imagine the disappointment when I realised that, instead of doughnuts and cake, the food on offer was fruit. My stomach aside, after munching through a whole load of fruit, Super Yum Yum made my thumbs hungry to keep playing this addictive little gem.

You play as Leon, although he may sound like a deadly assassin, in fact Leon is a very hungry and lost chameleon. To get Leon home, you need to take him through 36 fruit-filled levels. To add complication to matters, his chameleon traits change the colour of his skin, allowing him to only eat matching coloured fruits. Eating a fruit with a different coloured leaf turns him into that particular colour. The aim is to become the colour of the fruit blocking the portal and eat it to progress, while attempting to eat all the other fruits available in the level along the way."

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