MGU Review: Mobile Body Trainer

MGU writes: "I'm sure nearly everyone out there seeks perfection, not just in their mobile but also in their lives. Well, it just so happens that this next title will manage not only to get your heart racing but also to keep it pumping for some time to come.

Mobile Body Trainer is a mobile equivalent of the various keep-fit and healthy 'games' that have graced consoles lately, and are readily available in many homes. Ok, perhaps "game" is not the right word to use here, as it's more of an educational application, but like its counterparts, this is entertaining and useful in helping to encourage those not so readily disposed to going to the gym and working out.

You are able to fill in your basic information and from that it will use your weight and height to calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index), which will then tell you whether you are over or underweight. From this, the title puts together a full body workout to suit your needs. Don't be fooled by the small size of this package, you will put through your paces in a rigorous plan. Tasks will range from start-up and warm up exercises to develop your aerobic movement through to muscle strengthening exercises that will get your body toned and built."

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