Availability of Special Hannah Montana Edition PSP Announced

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) Tuesday announced the availability of the new Limited Edition Hannah Montana PSP Entertainment Pack. Specifically designed for the fashion-forward "tween," the Limited Edition Hannah Montana PSP Entertainment Pack includes the new "Lilac" PSP-3000 system, Disney Interactive's Hannah Montana: Rock Out The Show video game, three Hannah Montana episodes on UMD (Universal Media Disc), a 2GB Memory Stick PRO Duo, and fashionable vinyl stickers to customize the PSP system for just under $200.

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SactoGamer3421d ago

Folks seemed excited about it when it was initially announced at E3.

The_Darkest_Red3420d ago

Hopefully they will give the PS3 this treatment instead of dropping the price.


Omegasyde3420d ago

Gamestop preorder comes with Purple lipstick, and a Musical key chain: tup

meepmoopmeep3420d ago

yeah, you could hear peeps cheering when it was announced at e3

Mo0eY3420d ago

It's actually kind of freaky that all those developers and fanboys were whooping and hollering for this at E3. I don't wanna know what those 21+ year old men have been doing at night in front of their computers.

S M N3420d ago

lol are you series guys, those ppl in e3 just joking

Mo0eY3420d ago

Yeah, I was kidding, haha. :D

Blaze9293420d ago

Day 1 confirmed. This is badass

Tempist3420d ago

Remember gents, we welcome these new female gamers when they hit the PS3 with a gentle clubbing to the head from our shotguns on Killzone 2.

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The Matrix3421d ago

Oh boy, might have to trade in my kratos psp for this one. Not.

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shutupandplay3420d ago

I literally lol`d at this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.