MGU Review: Townsmen 6 - Revolution

MGU writes: "Townsmen 6 is the hand-held gamer's answer to Settlers - only better!

For those of you who have a bit of time on your hands and fancy building an empire all of your own in 18th century France (about when the revolution and Bastille was kicking off, just before Napoleon started doing his conquering thing), then this game is worth a closer look. You are placed into these turbulent times as a dissident who's not very happy with the opulent rule of the king (probably a Louis, from my basic French history knowledge). Your task is to set about generating a self-sufficient town, from wood-cutters, to farms, to mills to bakers and so on.

About the only thing that's not mentioned on this list of rather useful buildings is anywhere to behead your royal sympathisers. Not to worry, you won't ever see a gruesome Guillotine or any bloodshed. Instead you will be responsible for the much more entertaining task of building a country up from its roots and making all your 'Townies' happy."

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