MGU Review: Ice Age - Dawn of The Dinosaurs

One of the most popular animated movies to grace the big screen in recent years has been squeezed down to fit into our pocket in the form of a mobile game - Ice Age: Dawn of Dinosaurs.

In this top-down game you have the usual controls (up, down, left, right and fire) to move the key characters from the movies around the screen. While exploring the prehistoric environments you will have the challenge of collecting all the eggs to save the un-hatched from a terrible fate.

Along the way, you get to do more than just collect the eggs though; you get to collect the acorns too, which allow you to top up your score! Ok, as you can tell there's a pretty straightforward theme to this game - collect stuff and try not to slip down the food chain to the point where you become a succulent starter for some rather sharp toothed reptile on steroids.

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