MGU Review: LocoRoco Hi

MGU writes: "Move over PSP, it's now the era when the mobile phone takes over the gaming world. Now, this seems like a nearly impossible thing to say, but to be honest, LocoRoco Hi is fantastically emulated for the mobile version.

OK, LocoRoco Hi isn't exactly in the same league as more familiar titles which you'll find on the PSP, but it's a decent and enjoyable game nonetheless! Rotating the handset is how you move the screen and indeed the rather rotund character LocoRoco (who resembles a 'Space Hopper') around. If your phone doesn't have motion controls, however, you'll have to make do with the buttons.

This is a really abstract game which can be quite hard to describe. In essence, it's puzzle solving fun and an action-packed adventure (pretty much literally) rolled in one. The closest thing I can think of is to imagine Sonic the Hedgehog crossed with Iggle Piggle from "In the Night Garden". See, I told you it was abstract!"

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