Awaiting the 4 Horsemen of the Videogame Apocalypse

Our beloved industry has already escaped one close encounter with death: the Videogame Crash of 1983.

New DLC in the form of one very Fat Princess was released this week, which means that another iteration of capture the flag has been unleashed on the gaming public. And forgive us for picking on Fat Princess (for the fatty is far from alone), but exactly how many versions of Capture the Flag do we need before we cry uncle?

This sort of hollow gaming made us wonder if there will be a day when the gaming public calls it quits and becomes disenchanted with the industry. We present to you The 4 Horsemen of the Videogame Apocalypse - the 4 factors we believe could potentially lead to the downfall of gaming as we know it.

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DanSolo3394d ago

I really can't even be fvcked to click the link and read the story.
There may be lots of re-hashing of game-types, but then name an industry or entertainment medium that doesn't do that.

Films have been churned out in the same genres for years; Action, comedy, sci-fi, horror, ect.
Music can generally be grouped into category's; Dance, rap, chart, reggae, and various others.
Sports that have been played and watched since before I was even a little tadpole swimming around in my dads nutsack; Football, rugby, golf, cricket, boxing ect ect.

I really can't think of any form of entertainment that doesn't stick to the same formula.
And people don't seem to be getting particularly bored with any of those.

There is alot of similar type of games out there but then theres quite a wide variety of choice of genres so if you are bored with one then you can always just get into another. And there are the odd few dev's out there who do take a chance and try to innovate, they may not do as well financially as some of the big ones who churn out the tried and tested games but they still get new ideas out.

The truth is gaming is now as mainstream as any of those other types and is getting bigger all the time.
There are a sh!tload of problems in the industry; Sh!t overpriced DLC, concerted efforts by the games companies to drive the prices up, and a bunch of others I can't really be assed to type out.
But lack of choice or variety isn't too big a problem for us just yet, hopefully more of the devs who try something adventurous will get supported thereby giving incentive to others to do the same, but like in anything else people have their favorite genre and they will keep buying.

Kleptic3394d ago

-"So what does this mean for the industry's future? Well, if the Wii is any sort of benchmark, we're in trouble. While Nintendo's positive press has been regarding their ridiculous console sales, their software sales are nowhere near where they would like them to be, especially when taking into consideration the install base. Whether or not Sony/Microsoft fall into the same pitfalls remains to be seen, but if history is any indication they have their work cut out for them."

thats the only part of the article that really stuck for me...

the point is that the gaming industry is still growing...and when there is growth, its not shrinking (short term set backs aside of course) whatever they are doing, it is working...

but that Wii closing statement almost it IS where things may be going...I would like to hope there will always be a large enough market for this industry to keep games like GTA, Halo, Killzone, Gears, MGS, etc. still coming...whether they are a blatant homage to the early action titles like Doom, Metal Gear, metroid, or whatever is fine...or if they are completely new, yet still core gaming experiences, is fine too...but if this industry is spinning into a hole where things like the Wii, which put pretty much every generational leap game wise on the back burner accept for gimmicky controls...i want no part of it...

every year since 2006, Reggie has stood in front of us at E3 with a full PR list of ways to make it sound different than the truth..which is Nintendo honestly has no idea why so many people are buying the Wii...they know they popped off a few decent titles for it...but lately have not made a single game that really takes advantage of the only thing it does new...and frankly, i don't care if I can control it with a wand if it looks, sounds, and 'feels' like something I played in 2003...