Europe Home Beta Started

According to a post at the US PlayStation forums, the Home beta for Europe has started. The post has been backed up with other people claiming it started for Europe also, below are two screenshots showing why people have claimed it.

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Satanas3826d ago

This really should say "RUMOR" in front of it. Read that thread -- there are many claims of it being false.

Halonator3826d ago

I think this is true. i might have just seen at someplce else

videogamenews3825d ago

I don't think this is fake at all. This is one I took and the guy is a member on my forum (also a tester for SCEE) -

Satanas3825d ago

Yeah, it's just that when the news first came out it didn't seem true. But some of the people in images are confirmed Beta Testers.

In other words, ignore my first comment. =)

Raist3826d ago

It's true.

I didn't get in, but i have several people in my buddy list who are testing home right now

Satanas3826d ago

Hm, if it is indeed verifiable then it is fine.

Stunt3826d ago

So approve it people, please.

kingofps33826d ago

Yeah! Hope they are having fun. But, atleast I have inside information. hehehe

Raist3825d ago

lol @ people reportign this as fake

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The story is too old to be commented.