Evil Avatar: Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings Review

Evil Avatar writes: "Indiana Jones has been relatively neglected in the world of videogames when you compare it to Lucasart's most famous franchise. Odd really when you consider the that Harrison Ford's character is the perfect videogame hero. A2M, who will soon release the shooter Wet, seek to take advantage of his particular strengths for this outing. With the Lego version of Indy's first three adventures standing out against Batman and Han Solo it was always going to be a challenge to produce a more successful adaptation of the character."

The Good

* Some of the best presentation on the Wii.
* The locations change frequently and are interesting enough.
* The extras are great and the sheer volume of gameplay styles thrown into the single-player makes for a tolerable experience.

The Bad

* The combat system is fudgy on the Wii.
* The platforming is slow and simple.
* Your iconic whip is almost ignored other than a Scorpion-esque 'get over here' fighting move and being used to traverse gaps.
* There's a few glitches in the collision detection and the checkpoint placement causes immense frustration.

The Ugly

* Horrendously unambitious.

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