Sony Apologizes For Decapitated Goat In 'God of War' Launch

Sony on Monday apologized for using a decapitated goat as the centerpiece of a videogame launch party that sparked outrage from animal rights activists, and left at least one marketing expert wondering how such a big company could do something so stupid.

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ReconHope4242d ago

gosh nobody can give props for the apology? But everyone can say how horrible Sony's PR is.

God of Gaming4242d ago

They are supposed to say sorry. Do you want the masses to then celebrate? I do not understand your point. They said sorry ONLY because people reacted the way they did.

Bathyj4242d ago

Its funny how many comments the story got but no one cares about the apology.

I still think it was a storm in a teacup. Exploting a dead animal to sell a video game. But dont butchers display dead animals in order to sell meat? Who really cares.

And did you see the ad under the apology for They were strangling a chicken.

This world just drips with hypocrasy.

Keyser4242d ago

Not a good move by Sony. They already are having PR battles. Why throw gasoline on a forest fire?

Somebody out there has a pet goat and is terribly offended... (kidding)

They should have included the goat from Jurassic Park somewhere becasue people don't care if dinosaurs eat goats...

Diselage4242d ago

Sony I doubt really cares that much about the dead goat on display at one of their events, they car about the fact a dead goat on display at one of their events looked bad. If no one said a thing about it they would not say they were sorry and thus the apology is forced and fake.

Arkham4242d ago

You don't know much about how the world works, do you?

sumfood4u4242d ago

Well least they are trying! That's all I'm saying! Believe It!

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