Final Fantasy XIV's Job System Detailed

Square Enix have revealed some more information about the Job system that will power player progression in Final Fantasy XIV Online.

Square Enix told Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu that there would be four different job classes, each with several jobs within that class. For now Square Enix has revealed the 4 classes and two of the jobs from each.

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Myst3391d ago

Much appreciated AP for finding out more about the game.

From the looks of it, I'm starting to like the condensing a bit, even though this is only a taste as to what the game will provide hopefully their will be more information on the jobs in the weeks (hopefully not months) following.

AP3391d ago

No prob. :) Another little tidbit that I didn't put into the stories: There will finally be a skin colour option in character creation!

Myst3391d ago

OMG! *Squeal*

You just made my day with that little tidbit right there, I now officially like XIV over XI. Just for that bubbles to you, you really don't know how much that has made my day :D