Kotaku: EyePet Vs. Milo: The Unlikely New Console Mascots

Kotaku writes: "Here's a YouTube comment on PlayStation 3 EyePet that caught my eye last week: "Both are useless this and milo both stupid." Hints of a 21st century version of Sonic Vs. Mario, starring a Microsoft boy and a Sony pet?

I was charmed by my brief interaction last week with Sony's PS3 camera-enabled EyePet. The fall-scheduled game/pet-simulator displays a video feed of the real world that's in front of your TV, but with a furry pet scampering through the world".

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The_Zeitgeist3393d ago

God help us all if those are the new mascots. A creepy little voyeuristic boy and a monkey that looks straight out of that 80's horror film Monkey Shines.

himdeel3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

...see here in this picture or on this website

skynidas3393d ago

I think that they are very different

DonCorneo3393d ago

but xbots, who have the same thing as him, will have a lot of fun.. quick call the feds

zack613393d ago

the playslaves have arrived

SuperStrokey11233393d ago

Well it can be sumed up pretty easy.

Milo is creepy and crappy.
Eyepet is just crappy.

This should clear things up regarding these two "games"

cryymoar3393d ago

Bestiality vs Pedophilia..