TheSixthAxis: 'Splosion Man Review

Where 'Splosion Man excels is the gameplay – the single button might seem simplistic but when you're dealing with crushers, spinning platforms and massive walls the puzzling quickly becomes quite challenging. The introduction of other hazards, such as the aforementioned scientists determined to stop you by any means necessary (which includes guns, robots and other various traps), is handled well and the difficulty curve is expertly pitched.

Combined with the four player on and offline multiplayer, a devious sense of humour and a mastery of the platforming genre, 'Splosion Man is an absolute treat.

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Sonyslave33391d ago

Nice review but this game is xbox only so why is a ps3 only site reviewing xbl arcade game.

TheColbertinator3391d ago

It happens once in a while.Just like OXCGN(Aussies) reviewed Killzone 2 and Infamous