The Water of BioShock (new video)

The makers of BioShock discuss the water in their game, also showcasing a new HD video.

"The water in BioShock is one of the most fascinating aspects, technically and visually, of the game. I would argue it's the most realistic water I've ever seen in game. And, as Rapture is an underwater city, and is drowning as your character enters it, water is, of course, an integral part of the story.

Today we're going to focus on water, first with a video that highlights some water in Rapture, and then with a Q&A I had with two water gurus at Irrational: Stephan Alexander, FX Artist, and Jesse Johnson, Graphics Programmer. They were very excited to talk about all aspects of building the water in BioShock, so I hope you enjoy."

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iceice1234248d ago

Water, and still being worked on >_>

mcintosh2334248d ago

i would hate to see the price of a pc thats gonna be able to run this with all the effects etc. i can see alot of people playing at like 800/600 on pish settings
HAHA should get a big powerhouse. 360 is the only choice

The_Firestarter4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

Nice to see how ignorant you are, mcintosh233. PC >>> 360. Funny, how games like FEAR look way better on PC than your 360. When ported to 360, the textures were crap, resolution was low, and lowered shaders models. 360 superior? I hightly doubt that.

The point isn't that it'll cost a lot to build a gaming computer, it's the FACT that pc will ALWAYS be superior in this gen of gaming. Sorry to burst your bubble.

hamburgerhill4248d ago

This water looks insanely realistic! I bet this game becomes the new I candy for 360 once it's released! Now the question will be does the water look better in Bioshock or does it look better in Lair!

shortyNZ4248d ago

bioshock wont come to ps3, how could it when it wouldnt have enough available memory to render that sexy wet stuff!

m91058264248d ago

Don't be an idiot, we both know they both have 512 memory. PS3's just happens to be separated into 256 [email protected] 700MHZ and 256 [email protected] 3.2GHz.

mcintosh2334248d ago

but the 360 has 10mb of ridiculously fast 250gb/s ram as well

nebpredude844248d ago

Work is now underway at Blade on our blockbuster next-gen title - Hydrophobia

R & D has been underway for over 3 years and our ground breaking technology is now ready be rolled out.

matt19914248d ago

work in progress so no one realy flames

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The story is too old to be commented.