Great Game, Shame About The Story

TheGameReviews writes: "Resident Evil 5's story is simply terrible... protagonist Chris Redfield's character is poorly developed, sidekick Sheva is so devoid of personality that she lives up perfectly to the accusations of being the token African cast member Capcom tossed in to stave off the detractors - and then there's Wesker. The persistent, enigmatic foe of the Resident Evil franchise is diluted into being a supervillain cliché, complete with sinister laugh, sultry sidekick and plan for global destruction. Of course, any pretense of Resident Evil 5 entertaining a quasi-serious story goes straight out the window at the end of the game, when a mutated alien Wesker shoots down your plane with a rocket launcher. Into an active volcano. It's pretty clear that at that point the writers just stopped trying."

Author Mark Fujii selects six great games with six truly awful stories.

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Haly3418d ago

I really can't agree with FF8 being there, sure it was far fetched and a few bits were a bit 'wtf' ish, but I don't know......guess I'm a FF fanboy at heart :p

The rest though.....oh god yes! Especially RE5 and Gears 2.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33418d ago

Lets not fool ourselves here, Gears has never been about story. The only reason it was greenlit for a film adaptation is because Gears1+2 have sold almost 10million games.

Its the same for Halo. Can anyone actually tell me the significance of the Halo? Why not make it a giant twinkee? I just don't see how that lends itself to the overall theme of the story, which, to be honest, is non-existent. MasterCheif himself is the most generic protagonist ever, and the settings were so bland in the earlier games(they are improving this though).

Originally Halo was supposed to be an RTS. I think its pretty obvious that they dev. the game first and slapped the story on later.

Bnet3433418d ago

Whoever wrote this doesn't know about Resident Evil. It's the other way around. Mediocre game continuing a great story but not in the best way.

dktxx23418d ago

The first Halo has a very good story. Unfortunately it dropped off tremendously during the second and third games, but the first one did have a good one.

bushfan3418d ago

did he really play FVIII...every FF got a really deep story and you need to play the whole game to understand it. About WoW, i know there are noobs who doesn't care about story but blizzard made the game to appel everyone, are you casual just lvl up earn some gear and you can be happy, but if you play Warcraft1,2,3 like many people and want a deep story....hey WoW have a really deep story with so many details

gaffyh3418d ago

WTF is wrong with these guys, this game is the opposite.

Great Story, Shame About The Game. Although I did this play this through quite a few times until I got the platinum trophy.

Xi3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

halo is designed the way it was because of many reasons.

1 - the general design of the halo artifacts lend themselves to be good places to study living organism since the shape provides for a mixture between a classic dyson sphere and a planet, gravity can be easily manipulated via centripital force and it maintains more surface area whith less resources (ie cheaper to build). The ring structure provides many more observasion points.

2 - the design of the weapon itself. In halo 2 you see the initial firing of the rings, energy moves towards the center of the ring building enough mass to cause an explosion. This is a relativley logical design for a weapon.

3 - the ring structures provide a very mystrious sense of wonder, why do they feature human like enviroments and why are humans refered to as 'reclaimers'. Who built it and where did they go?

4 - The concept is extremely sci-fi and helps paint a more vivid universe in which to set the story.

As for your remarks about MC. He's the Military equivilent of Ender wiggiam and teela brown, 2 of the most iconic Sci-fi characters ever.

ThanatosDMC3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

FF8?! WTF?!

In FF8, you go back to the past to the present and then to the future... Laguna, Ward, and Quiros (sp?). Edea, Adel, and Ultimacia.

Opening in HD:

MelaDarkwood3418d ago

I think it's Kiros, isn't it?

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gidzilla3418d ago

Ok I liked the story in Mirror's Edge. And the Cutscenes were pretty good.

Gears 2 does have a terrible story. Infact, does that even qualify as a story? what's all that bit about when the Sires break out of those tubes? I have no idea.

Bnet3433418d ago

Gears 2 story wasn't terrible.

dktxx23418d ago

ya it is kigmal. Its pretty sh!tty. Its better then the first, but thats not saying much.

thedukeofkna3418d ago


SirLarr3418d ago

Resident Evil 5 doesn't have a -bad- story, it has a campy story. It's not trying to be good, but just entertaining.

Couldn't disagree more about Gears' story either. I love the setting and how they rely on situational conversation rather than expository to reveal the backstory. I look forward to learning more about the Pendulum Wars and what happened to Marcus' father.

Wastrel53418d ago

I have to admit to liking Gears story as well, there were some nice touches in the game that got lost amidst the wave of blood and gibs. I'm pretty sure there's some deep allegory at work with the humans vs. the underground locust but maybe that's just me.

RE5 should really be in the top 5 campest stories ever - it certainly went to the school of OVERACTING and GURNING.

BkaY3418d ago

i own only 4 360 games 2 of em are gears 1 and 2 ... i bought 360 just to play gears.. and its worth it... and RE5.. i got plat in it .. so i dont have to tell you how much i like it...

first walkthrough was pain in the azz.. but i pulled 95% of headshots in second walkthrough..

i love the game but even i admit that i didnt enjoy it as much as re2...
and i really missed the zombies...

"oay Capcom bring back the zombies u cheeky bugga"

reddevilyi3418d ago

I liked the characters and story in FF8. And it certainly wasn't as contrived and confusing as FF7's story.

-Mezzo-3418d ago

BLAH,BLAH,BLAH Xbox version was superior. someone would have said this stupid thing so i thought i should.

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