Destructoid Interview: Jeremiah "Miah" Slaczka unscribbles Scribblenauts

Destructoid writes: "It's a game that came out of nowhere. A small studio, some interesting, but far from perfect DS games, and a new title with an outlandish claim that every item in the world would be inside, 5TH Cell didn't just have a lot to prove, they had to follow up with their crazy goals.

Then E3 happened. With people finally getting some hands-on time, Scribblenauts went from mere novelty title to a must-have. Somewhere between summoning the kraken and making keyboard cat, things just clicked. Sure, the game isn't even out for another month, but anticipation is burning hot. Even if the game doesn't quite come together, the technology behind it is staggering. Surely the team behind Scribblenauts must be an interesting group of people?

Lucky for me, I had a chance to ask a few questions to Miah Slaczka, the Creative Director behind Scribblenauts and Co-Founder of 5TH Cell. He had a few responses to how this game was born, and some special challenges for making Scribblenauts. He even hints to the future of 5TH Cell, and what we can expect. He even answered some Twitter questions from people just like you! Hit the jump for our discussion".

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