GamePro Arcade: 5 XBLA Games Every 360 Owner Should Download

GamePro Arcade writes: "XBLA is flooded with games, too flooded in fact. While there is something for everybody - from classic ports like Cyberball and Battlezone to new IP's like Cloning Clyde and Penny Arcade Adventures - so much content makes it tough to pick out the must haves from the must avoids. In order to save you time and money, we've compiled a list of the Top 5 games every 360 owner should download."

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A lot of people have this game on my xbl friends list.....I played the demo and it was quirky

SRU96002936d ago

UNO would have to be on my top 5 list.

It doesn't get talked about very often, but it's a perfect match for Xbox Live and there are ALWAYS people playing it, even in the wee hours of the morning.

Good times.

JsonHenry2935d ago

Worms 2, Castle Crashers, Age of Booty, Settlers of Catan, and Battlefield 1943 are my top 5.

Blaze9292935d ago

-The Dishwasher Dead Samurai. Although not as good compared to the XNA demo that was released publicly early on, still great fun...and hard as hell.

-'Splosion Man. FREAKING amazing game and currently at the top of my list in terms of best XBLA game I played.

-Shadow Complex. Not out yet but just look at it, need I say more?

-Uno: Great fun with that game and a great way to kick back after work/school whatever and on nights and just have fun playing Uno....especially with the LIVE vision cam ;)

-Battlefield 1943

AAACE52935d ago

The arcade games seem to get overlooked by alot of people, but there are some good games out there.

Some view them as not really being games, but I see them as something we would have been charged $30-$40 per game last gen.

Prime example, Rez HD. Last gen, I bought that for $40. Now you can get it for $10 (800 MS points) and the file size is way smaller than a typical game.

RockmanII72935d ago

5) The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai - 800
4) Peggle - 800
3) Rez HD - 800
2) Marble Blast Ultra - 400
1) Braid - 1200

Honorary Mention - Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 - 800

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Saaking2936d ago

I'll be getting Braid and Castle Crasher on my PS3

Stryfeno22936d ago

Of course you will...There is nothing good on PSN.

pure pwnage242936d ago

What??? last time I heard you have no good games to play at ALL, all your just waiting for is an expansion Halo:STD XD

Saaking2936d ago

No patchstation, there's nothing good on XBLA. We got shatter, Fat Princess, etc, and now we're also getting all of the 360's "exclusive" arcade games. I know your delusional and all but maybe you'll understand if I use simple words. PS Store is greater than XBLA

lord_of_balrogs2936d ago

Enjoy our year old leftovers. I'll be to busy playing Trials HD, Splosion Man, and Shadow Complex.

-Mezzo-2936d ago

2 exclusive games coming to PS3, why no xbox fan talks about it.

topdawg1222936d ago

Ill be gettin braid for sure. So glad its comin to psn.

-MD-2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

"I'm buying Castle Crashers and Braid on PSN"

"Xbox has no good games"


Saaking2935d ago

Yes murderdolls, you know people laugh when they're nervous. Are you nervous. You know XBLA has no good games, but don't worry that's no reason to punish yourself.

-MD-2935d ago

People laugh when they're nervous? I usually shake when I'm nervous.

You must be an interesting person.

Saaking2935d ago

Yes, people laugh when they're nervous and shake when they're scared or cold. Laughter conceals they feelings of being nervous.

-MD-2935d ago

What exactly is this conversation leading to? Just because I typed "lol" doesn't mean I'm actually laughing out loud.

This is pointless.

Hoolock2935d ago

hes just playing around. The dude is going around all the open zones acting like a fool then playing sensible in the gamer zone with an open attitude. I dont know which one is the real him/her but dont start giving him more reasons to argue.

Saaking2935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

Yes listen to hoolock. You want to have a good unbiased discussion go to the gamer zone. That's where I post my real thoughts. What's the point of the Open zone if not to "defend" you preferred console?

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kaveti66162936d ago

Shadow Complex
Castle Crashers
'Splosion Man
Battlefield 1943

GiantEnemyCrab2936d ago

I would add:

Dishwasher Dead Samurai
Geometery Wars 1 and 2
Splosion Man
The Maw
Worms 2
Boom Boom Rocket

A ton of great stuff on XBLA.

crazy250002936d ago

i love super stardust hd......its similar and tons of fun

SRU96002936d ago

I would like to see Super Stardust HD come to XBLA (because it would have achievements and I could play it using a 360 controller).

crazy250002936d ago

but yeah i want geometry wars too! lol

SRU96002935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

I know, but I prefer achievement points (and I can't stand the Dualshock controller).

GiantEnemyCrab2935d ago

Stardust HD is a great game!! That would be so popular on XBLA but I do believe Sony owns that one.

NegativeCreepWA2935d ago

I would buy Stardust HD a second time if released on the XBLA, because it would probably have online co-op.

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