GT PSP Pre-order Bonuses, No Veyron For Europe

The Gran Turismo PSP pre-order bonuses have been announced for Europe and North America, with the glaring omission of the Bugatti Veyron for Europe.

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anarchy993421d ago

All this pre-ordering is for exclusive colours of these cars. The cars themselves will be in all versions of the game just not available in the colours shown to people who didnt pre-order the game


I don't really mind about having no Veyron in the psp version, but if it isn't in the GT5 I will go ape sh!t

MURKERR3421d ago

we pay the higher price for games which has always been the case,even though we usually get things months later, this is just a piss take, we have to pay the higher price in terms of money and still get shafted even more

poindat3421d ago

I didn't know you cared so much about colors and having some cars from the start?

Calming down and actually looking at what the pre-order bonus is would help. Everyone gets the Veryon. All of the cars are in the standard game, but if you pre-order you get them from the start and in a special color.

Read more than just the one, somewhat misinformed article people...

The Meerkat3421d ago

See, not all french cars are rubbish.
It should be in the game.

DelbertGrady3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Correct, sir.

stevenhiggster3421d ago

Bugatti is an Italian company, which is owned by a German company!!

bloop3421d ago


Neo6043421d ago

my experience with GT games is you win easier with better car(obviousely). Fast car are expensive. take long to get.

level 3603421d ago

Having the Veyron will be a big deal, I think Sony would have a rethink about offering it to everyone...

... would really be a big coup for Sony if they can put the Mazda Furai LeMans concept in the full version GT5.

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