Goozex Report Reviews Afro Samurai

TGR writes, "When you look back at some of the greatest titles to grace the Action game genre there is one name that rings more true than any other: Ninja Gaiden. Afterall, it would have to be exceptional to warrant TWO remakes for the original Xbox and once for the PlayStation 3. There were so many things that made this game great. With that in mind, let's reflect on another game that aspires to reach this level of greatness: Afro Samurai."

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wondroushippo3148d ago

This game has a neat look too it, but the violence was a bit much...

Neco5123148d ago

Violence is a good thing. GOOD thing. :)

bgrundman3148d ago

I don't know, I think I am with hippo on that.

CrAppleton3148d ago

I'm with Neco.. you guys are pussies.. violence is a good thing!

roblef3148d ago

violence is kinda shock-value laden. what point are they making? That violence is hell? or that it's neato-keen to slaughter your enemies. ugh.

Trollimite3148d ago

would buy it! i love afro samurai! and i wanted to get this game but i need a little more persuasion. a trophy pathc would do it for me

bgrundman3148d ago

I had been waiting for trophy support too, but just gave up and bought it.

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wondroushippo3148d ago

I heard that this ran better on the Xbox 360, is that true?

-Mezzo-3148d ago

Yes it is, that is why it was also on 360, if it had worked better on PS3 it would be exclusive with it as it would have been impossible on 360 HAHAHAHA.

Neco5123148d ago

Afro Samurai, does it get any better?

bgrundman3148d ago

hopefully, it wasn't that good to begin with.

JimmyJames703148d ago

Yeah, after playing the demo and then reading this review I'll probably pass and playing Ninja Gaiden first. Still haven't played that one yet.

-Mezzo-3148d ago

I was disappointed with this game, expected so much more but still was a fun game.