Apple hit by more laptop battery problems

Another laptop battery problem has hit Apple. This time the problem, in MacBook and MacBook Pro lines, is not said to pose a fire hazard. Apple recalled 1.8m laptop batteries manufactured by Sony last year because they posed a fire hazard, an exercise that also had to be followed by other major laptop manufacturers.

The latest problem involves laptop batteries not charging properly from a power outlet, and other symptoms. Apple said it "has recently discovered that some batteries used in its MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks may have battery performance issues. Apple is offering a software update that is designed to improve battery performance". Apple added, "The factors causing the performance issues do not present a safety risk. You may continue to use your current battery."

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nice_cuppa4246d ago

that whats interesting !

bung tickler4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

i dont know i was wondering the same thing... but i didnt write the news... i just posted it. my guess would be NOT sony, cuz why would they [apple] buy more batteries from them [sony] after the whole fire/exploding thing... but who knows maybe they did.

ITR4246d ago

If it's a Mac Book Pro it should use a Sony battery with Apple badging on it.

Remember the old iPod battery issue? Sony made those as well.

Apple needs a new battery supplier.

Bathyj4246d ago

I'm guessing if it had been Sony, someone would have yelled it out from the top of the Empire State building by now.

I guess we'll know soon enough.

artman4246d ago

yeah and the melting adaptor made by samsung too... my macbookpro is fine (at this comment)
My powerbook's battery already can't hold any longer after reach 60%, it will drop to 0%

ITR4246d ago

My PB battery is made by LG. They had a recall on all those.