GamesAreEvil Review: Aztaka (PC)

GrE writes, "When you look back at the annals of gaming history, an era that is rarely explored is the time where the Aztecs where at the peak of their power in Central America. Short of several different puzzle games and the obvious exception of turn based RPGs like Civilization, this is a very interesting group of people that have been left relatively untouched by game developers. This all changed when Aztaka was released for PC back in March of this year."

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CrAppleton3391d ago

Game looks pretty interesting.. I like this type of game.. I might need to check it out

bgrundman3391d ago

It looks pretty cool, but the backtracking in games like this used to drive me up a wall.

Neco5123391d ago

Seriously, backtracking is NOT cool

CrAppleton3391d ago

The Aztecs aren't used very often in a game.. I wonder why that is?

Neco5123391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Who knows, people just haven't had enough inspiration from the Aztecs I guess, you would think they would have plenty though.

supercharger51503391d ago

Same reason they're rarely discussed in history... They're not all mighty whitey.

roblef3391d ago

Yeah, folks in power tend to write history and make games, I guess

supercharger51503391d ago

The graphics and art look really amazing! Interesting that it's like Metroid or Castlevania. Screens make it seem a bit RPGish

roblef3391d ago

YEah, kind of a mismatch, but not unwelcome!