290° Live - Lots of new info. has been updated, with some interesting tibits like the return of the M6D pistol, the flood, and the Arbiter. Much more after the link.


Sorry. In my haste to get the story up, I forgot to mention that the pistol is actually designated the "M6G".

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nice_cuppa3551d ago

i just had to watch all the vids again !


shotty3551d ago

Pistol with 2x zoom is back

ANoobsJourney3551d ago

Best weapon ever made for any game! Time to slice again!

Skizelli3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

The sword was cool on paper, but they seriously need to nerf it for Halo 3. It was a menace on smaller maps. I also wish they'd nerf the locking mechanism on the rocket launcher. Things like that took no skill. I remember Halo:CE and getting badass RL shots on Warthogs from afar on maps like Blood Gulch and Sidewinder. Leading a rocket and destroying something with it is more satisfying than using a lock-on in my opinion.

snoop_dizzle3551d ago

awesomeness, im glad it appears that the original pistol is back and that the original machine gun is back.

iceice1233551d ago

Video today on the Beta maps, nothing yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.