Red Faction Guerrilla Patch Extends The Game That Little Bit More

PushSquare: "Red Faction Guerrilla is already a generous offering. Great single-player mode. Some decent local multiplayer. Excellent online multiplayer. Still, THQ aren't content with what they've got just yet, they want to give you more. How about a new Wrecking Crew mode? Sorted; Challenge Mode will set players across three different levels, each time with a different weapon and backpack. The task - get the highest score. Awesomely, Wrecking Mode is also going to be available as a single-player experience now too, which is pretty neat if you have no friends."

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SRU96003393d ago

I just played this game for the first time yesterday and it is boring me to tears so far (I'm about 2 hours into the game).

I had a lot of fun with the Red Faction PS2 games back in the day, but this one is just plain crap to me.

The Meerkat3393d ago

Couldn't agree more.
I got Prototype and this at the same time. Beat Prototype (great, fun game) then tried Red Faction for about 3 hours.
Now i'm back to Battlestations Pacific. New Carrier Pack is very good.

SRU96003393d ago

Yeah, thankfully I only rented the game, and I think I'm gonna send it back today.

I really thought I would have at least a little bit of fun with it, but it's just so boring to me.

Oh well.

divideby03393d ago

game is real meh.....not even worth my playing time and I was a die hard RF fan back in the PS2 days

FragMnTagM3393d ago

I really really like blowing sh!t up and destroying everything in this game. The story is meh, but the gameplay is unbelievable for me. The sheer amount of ways that you can approach a situation is freaking awesome. Sorry for you guys that blowing stuff up isn't fun. I guess you can go back to COD4, Killzone or whatever it is that doesn't have any destruction at all and have fun with just shooting people. I on the other hand will enjoy Red Faction, where when I shoot a rocket at a wall and it actually leaves damned hole instead of a little black spot like in other games.

-Mezzo-3393d ago

This game was dissapointing to me, i would not have given it a 9/10 much like many critics it was and 8 for me. which is also good.

akaFullMetal3393d ago

i dont know why everyone else doesn't like the game, but i love it, and me and my friend have had a blast with this game. Love the physics.

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