What Are Assassin's Creed II's Exclusive Maps For?

Stephen Totilo: "Last week, Assassin's Creed II executive producer described the November game to me as a 'single-player' adventure. But the revelation of the contents in the game's GameStop special edition suggests there's something curious afoot."

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Cwalat3392d ago

I think he got it at the end of the article, rather than storybased.. it will be more leaned on non-storylined single player missions. So basically extra mini missions...

An artbook, Behind the scenes DVD/Blu-ray, extra missions..

Who would say no to this^?

rjgbyrne3391d ago

Pre-order to get the full game, no thanks, you can go straight to hell. Jade and the rest of the team do not get my vote, this should be stopped and shunned by the gaming public. Corporate Greed 2 more like...