AtomicGamer: Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta Review

AtomicGamer writes: "As an endcap to the DLC saga for Fallout 3, I admit that I'm a little disappointed overall in Mothership Zeta's return to linear, corridor-style FPS action, lack of choices for the player, and flashy but ultimately mediocre gadgetry to bring back with you to Earth. It's still a damn fine add-on that you simply must buy if you've already picked up the four previous ones, but just like before, if you feel burned by past DLC, this one's not going to become a sudden revelation for you. Aliens, cowboys, robots, zombies (sorta), and samurais are included and do spice up the experience, but if you really want to crank up the craziness, Bethesda, we'll need some pirates and vikings, too".

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