ATI R600 : What It Means To Techarp

The R600 is late, very late. The only ones not admitting that are AMD and ATI. It's a repeat of the delays that plagued the R5XX. By missing ATI's own time-to-market schedule, it not ony screwed up upgrade plans for many users, it also gave NVIDIA the opportunity to consolidate their position as the only graphics chip company with a DirectX 10 GPU.

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gta_cb4124d ago

i like this bit "please don't judge me so harshly just yet." lol alot of people can use this quote in here lol

Rooted_Dust4124d ago

Because Nvidia still doesn't have half-decent Vista drivers. I still can't use my second GPU on my GF 7950, and my favorite game, Half-Life 2, runs buggy on all of their cards.

fury4124d ago

...why the heck use vista anyway now? My XP needs 155 MBs idle, vista however needs a s_h_i_t_l_o_a_d of 500 MBs in idle. Rather than being faster it's slower and uses up more resources. I'll stick with XP.

Rooted_Dust4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

There is not point in upgrading graphics cards without Vista, and I got it for free anyway. So its time to start figuring out what works and what doesn't. The Nvidia card ran HL2 buggy in XP also.